How to save money on Christmas gifts

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Shopping for Christmas gifts has never been my strong point. But I have learned how to save and buy better presents for my family members.

I don’t care for Black Friday Shopping or Cyber Monday. I prefer to find other ways to save money on Christmas gifts and avoid the rush.

So here is how to save money on Christmas gifts.

These are in no order…..

The first idea I do is to look at the clearance section of stores. When stores change seasons, they discount their merchandise that is going out of season. This is year-round shopping, but if you have a closet, you can store these inexpensive gifts. It will save you a ton of money.

Also, stores like Target keeps special clearance items. I usually find these at the end of the rows on the very edge of the store.

The second idea is gift cards. You can find discounted gift cards through Sam’s and Costco. Some stores run specials on gift cards and these make great gifts. I have seen some gift cards that only cost me $15, but the card had $25 on them. I had to buy them in bulk to get this discounted.

The third idea is to barter online and use your unique skills to earn gifts people may be able to give you. For instance, set up a website for a company in return for a gift card or product.

The fourth idea is to buy something that qualifies for the no-tax weekend. Every year when school starts, there is no tax on certain items. Saving on taxes can be a huge saving.

The fifth idea isGarage Sales and Yard Sales – These are great places where people are always selling unused items. Thrift Stores is another great idea.

If you plan the question: How to save money on Christmas gifts should be an easy one. I know I published this in June, but December will be here before you know it. Now is the time to start stashing away those presents to save.

Good luck with your savings……

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